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Main Distributor PRIME ODF

Space-saving, versatile, full of power: the PRIME ODF main distributor! Unmatched packing density meets smart cable management. The PRIME ODF main distributor is the ideal fiber optic cabling solution for your business.

The PRIME ODF main distributor is our compact yet powerful all-in-one package: it enables maximum connectivity and offers strong performance for your company's cabling. The central keyword for the PRIME ODF main distributor is packing density: Upto 5376 fiber connections can be accommodated in the ODF rack system with an overall height of 2.2m. The main distributor PRIME ODFis designed for cabling of common fiber connections such as pure splicepatchsplice-patch with SCE-2000LC-Duplex connectors.In the "optical distribution system" categorythis unbeatable packing density makes the PRIME ODF main distributor an indispensable central component of your network cabling. The ideal application for the PRIME ODF main distributor is either in the central office or at PoP locations and data centers. The PRIME ODF main distributor is where all the threads come together - make it the brain of your company.


PRIME ODF main distributor - modularly designable optical main distributor


The possibilities for designing the PRIME ODF main distributor are manifold thanks to the modular design: In addition to the PRIME ODF rackwhich serves as the basis and basic building block of the distribution systemyou can obtain further buildingblocks and solutions from ussuch as our PRIME ODF cable managementPRIME ODF accessories or the PRIME ODF sub-racks. The 3/4U fiber units FTUFSUFBUFOURTURSU and fiber units STU and SSU with SCM splice cassettes complete our portfolio in the field ofmain distributors PRIME ODF. Your advantage is obvious: You can design your optical main distributor PRIME ODF according to your needs. All the different fiber units can be flexibly mounted in the subrack without tools. This simplifies initial setup and subsequent expansion of the distribution system. You also have plenty of leeway when it comes to the space required for the distributor. Theheight of your desired combination is between 3U and a maximum of 42 height units. Let our experts for building cabling advise youwithout obligation which equipment a main distributor PRIME ODF would need in your company. We will also be happy to explain the compatibility of the PRIME ODF with your existing system or with other R&M products.