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Distribution Housings

It is the central interface where all strands converge: the distribution housing. R&M is a leader in manufacturing optical distribution housings for a wide range of applications. From small to large, our distribution housings deliver added value to your business.

We offer a wide range of optical distribution housings (BEP) that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Typical application points include building entry pointboth indoor and outdoor. In terms of capacity and performanceour products cover a widerange: on the one handbetween 4/(8) and a maximum of 36/(72) SC or E-2000 (LC-D) connectors. On the other hand we can offer solutions with 12 and up to 288 splice connections. Between a smart compact solution and a large universal solutionour product range offers a suitable approach for every distribution housing need.


Distribution housing for the wiring of your building


When cabling homes and office complexes with fiber optic cableshigh-quality and suitable distribution housing shouldbe used. R&M offers you many different solutions for cabling your company. Our most modern product line is the Polaris family.We manufacture these in five different versions so that every individual need is covered. Decide between the Polaris 4 enclosurethe Polaris 6 enclosurethe Polaris 16 enclosurethe Polaris 24 enclosure or the Polaris 36 enclosure. These offer space for four to 36 LC duplexSC or E-2000 connectors and are optimized for quick installation and handy management. In addition to the Polaris enclosuresthe Venus family is another product line. These are also available in different versions: Venus enclosure type FMLVenusenclosure type FLAVenus enclosure type HLAVenus enclosure type FLA-SCMVenus enclosure type FLA2-SCMVenus enclosure type LFA2-POLVenus enclosure type FXL-SCM and Venus enclosure type FXXL-SCM offer you the scope to achieve maximum compatibility with yoursystem. Our optical distribution housings can be used mainly in building cabling as well as in outdoor distribution systems. If youhave any questions about our products in the optical distribution housing segmentplease feel free to write or call us. Our consultants will be pleased to help you.